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About Us

About us

Yogurberry launched its first store in Seoul, South Korea in 2004. Due to its phenomenal success, Yogurberry started a desire for frozen yoghurt and eventually expanded throughout the world.
Now, Yogurberry spans 25 different countries with more than 270 stores. In Sydney, Yogurberry was the first frozen yoghurt store to initiate the self-serve system and sparked the takeover of the Sydney frozen yoghurt market.
Yogurberry’s biggest asset is giving customers a choice to create their unique cup of premium quality yoghurt. In Australia, Yogurberry opened its first store in February 2012 at World Square, Sydney.
Now in Nigeria, Yogurberry has three different stores with each located in Abuja, Kano and Portharcourt.


“Our mission is to establish Yogurberry as the paramount purveyor in the frozen yogurt business. To provide ‘premium,’ ‘real’ frozen yogurt and toppings where customers can ‘treat yourself’. – indulge our customers in the delight of creating their own unique and personalised cup of yogurt by implementing the self-serve system.”


You don't need to visit the store, we deliver to you and save you time